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MTG Articles is a company blog but also a budding community for all things Online marketing. If you are passionate about online marketing like SEO, Link building, Email Marketing, Social Media you are welcome to become an important part of our community by weighing in and sharing your knowledge!

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Guest Posting Guidelines for MTGArticles blog

If you want to get featured on MTGArticles blog, please read and follow the following guidelines thoroughly.  

Type of Content:

  1. Content Format: Be it like anything i.e. list article, comparison, review, tutorial, how-to guide, tips and tricks etc.
  2. Subject: It must be related to WordPress and beneficial to at least one category of WordPress people. It can be about design, website performance, security, SEO or anything that can help the people using WordPress or working with WordPress.

The quality of Content:

  1. Content must be useful: The content should be able to add value to the users’ knowledge.
  2. High-quality:  The article must be well-researched, written in grammar-proof English, and strictly plagiarism checked.
  3. Unique and original content: The article should be 100% original; never ever published anywhere.
  4. Give credit: Cite or link back to relevant and credible sources (outgoing links to high authority websites and internal links). Both types of links are compulsory. 
  5. Article length: The article must contain at least 2000 words.
  6. Add media: Include adequate media (images, infographics, videos, links, etc.). All the media added must be hundred percent copyright free. 
  7. Copywriting technique: It is highly recommended to follow copywriting techniques suggested here. For example, simple, short & comprehensive sentences and paragraphs, proper use of keywords, etc. Proper headings, subheadings, lists, and bullets wherever possible. 
  8. Grammar-proof writing

What is rejected?

We reject any article that does not fulfill or violate the guidelines mentioned under ‘Type of Content’ and ‘Quality of Content’.

In addition, below are some cases your article gets rejected:

  1. Link building:  Any article that is intended for link building scheme will be rejected straightaway.
  2. Marketing: Any article that is created ONLY for marketing purpose will be rejected. Biased and affiliate based articles will be rejected.

Content Review and Moderation

Any content from the guest author will be strictly moderated considering the guidelines before publishing it.

We can edit our contributors’ content in case of minor changes (We will provide the final draft to the respective guest author prior to publication).

*We reserve the right to accept or reject the submitted articles. 

*In case of violation of the guidelines, the articles will be directly rejected and any further queries will not be entertained thereafter.